Since 1855, your health is all that matters

Wilfred-Étienne Brunet, who on June 1, 1855, founded the first pharmacy bearing his name, was a man ahead of his time.

The four-story building erected in 1847 at the corner of Saint-Joseph and Sainte-Anne (later named de la Chapelle) was not only one of the largest, most modern and impressive in Canada at the time, it also housed Quebec's largest pharmacy.

In 1940, customers of the Brunet pharmacy were astonished to see its doors open in front of them, almost like magic, whenever they entered or exited the store. This automatic door-opening system, which used a motion detector, was a first in Quebec and yet another example of the innovations that Brunet administrators implemented to simplify their customers’ lives.

A success story

Since its creation in 1855, the Brunet banner has always distinguished itself by its innovative and pioneering spirit. The history of Brunet spans more than 150 years and yet Brunet continues to expand at a phenomenal pace.

Histoire de Brunet

Some key dates:

1855: Founding of Brunet pharmacies by Wilfrid-Étienne Brunet.

In 1874, the building erected at the corner of Saint-Joseph and Sainte-Anne (later renamed de la Chapelle) was not only one of the largest, most modern and impressive in Canada at the time, but it also housed Quebec's largest pharmacy.

1940: A leading innovator

Brunet's automatic door-opening system was the first in Quebec. This reflects the innovative spirit that Brunet administrators have always demonstrated. As well, Brunet's dispensary allowed the public to  observe their pharmacists at work

1955: A philosopy of customer service  

On its 100th anniversary, Brunet renovated its laboratory to accommodate the very latest equipment. Behind the prescription counter, it took six pharamacists filling 150 prescriptions per day to keep up with the demand. Attention to customer service, which is part of Brunet's DNA, was already in place.

1982: A foothold in Quebec

A group of five pharmacists in Quebec acquired the Brunet chain, which includes five stores. Then president, Dr. Willie Brunet practised up until 2002.

1986: A concern for ecology

Twelve years before the Tobacco Act came into effect, Brunet was the first chain to remove tobacco products from its shelves. 

1987: Acquisition by McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique inc.

The purchase of the Brunet chain by this large pharmaceutical distribution company strengthens the brand while retaining its core values.

1989: At the forefront of eco-friendly actions

Brunet launched "Gardez l’air en santé", a clean air campaign. It also became the first chain to stop selling products containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the principal cause of ozone layer destruction.

Brunet was also a pioneer in Quebec in organizing nurse and dietician services in all of its stores.

1991: Involvement in the fight against STDs

As a major player in the fight against sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBB), Brunet partnered with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux to promote condom use. Ten years later, as part of World Aids Day, the chain distributed 15,000 free condoms, a first in Quebec.

2009: Launch of Brunet Plus 

The Brunet Plus concept is designed for the specific needs of large surface stores. It focuses on laboratory services as well as access to personalized advice. Brunet Plus stores also offer a significant range of natural health products.

2010 Community involvement

Brunet is actively involved with universities linked to the health care sector such as Université Laval, where a Brunet practice laboratory is located, and Université de Montréal through a large-scale, pharmacy management project.

2010 : Launch of Brunet Clinique

Launched in June 2010, the Brunet Clinique focuses on laboratory services for prescriptions and quick access to personalized advice.

2011 : Your health is all that matters

In January 2011, Brunet innovates once again with the launch of MaSanté, an online tool that helps customers take better care of themselves and their families.

2013 : Brunet Children's Wish Foundation Provincial Tour

Brunet supports the Children's Wish Foundation by raising nearly $15,000 through MaSanté. For every MaSanté registration, Brunet has donated a dollar to the Children's Wish Foundation.