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In addition to medications, what methods are used to help manage ADHD?
There are several treatment options for ADHD. Your pharmacist can help you find the right medication.
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Overactive bladder in 5 bullet points
If you find yourself urinating frequently, and not being able to hold off until you want, you may have an overactive bladder. Learn more on the subject below.
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Brunet gift cards
Get your Brunet gift gard when you purchase 50$ or more on almost anything in store.
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Our health services

At Brunet, your health is all that matters! So, don’t hesitate to talk to a Brunet affiliated pharmacist and to take advantage of the services offered at our branches.

Services offered by health professionals

Discover the range of services offered by pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, and other health professionals at Brunet-affiliated pharmacies.

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Pharmacy services

Avoid long wait times at the clinic by making your pharmacist your go-to health professional and taking advantage of our in-pharmacy services.

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Brunet’s nursing services offer vaccinations for children and adults.

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For worry-free travel health, first stop, Brunet. Several Brunet stores offer a specialized travel health clinic.

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Your health tools

Our online tools allow you to quickly access useful health services from the comfort of your home. Brunet is your first-stop health resource—even online!


When it comes to save, to win prizes and to keep up to date with all the latest news and tips on beauty, make Brunet your first stop.



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