A brand-new Brunet branch opens in Lacolle!

Varennes, June 21, 2019 – Pharmacist owner Catherine Plamondon and her team celebrated yesterday the official opening of the brand-new Brunet branch located at 71, rue de l'Église Nord, in Lacolle. With more choice, more space and more services, this new location now offers customers the brand’s latest concept over a 4,500 square feet area.

"We are proud of the work done at this Brunet branch, which now has more space and services to offer our customers an improved experience," said Josée Houle, Vice President, Operations, Brunet and McMahon.

Renovated at a cost of nearly $720,000, this pharmacy offers a wide variety of products, as well as a range of personalized services, all in a streamlined decor designed for comfort. Aiming to exceed customer expectations every day, every aspect of the design was carefully considered to offer the best in-store experience: lighting, waiting area, signs and ceiling height

To better meet the public’s need, a consultation room has been set up so that clients can interact more extensively with pharmacists to benefit from their expert advice. Several complementary health services are also available: blood pressure measurement, dressing changes, home delivery of drugs, rental of orthopaedic equipment, vaccination and updating of the vaccination record, injection of certain drugs, etc. In addition, a nurse now provides private care on site. On the store side, a brand-new cosmetics section set in a contemporary decor offers a wide range of products and brands.

"I am very happy to unveil my new pharmacy today and to contribute every day to the health and well-being of the people of Lacolle and the surrounding areas. An improved health experience at all levels is what our team offers to customers," said Catherine Plamondon, Brunet affiliated pharmacist owner at the official opening. "As a result of this relocation and the expansion of our service offer, 9 new jobs were created. We are proud to contribute to Lacolle's business development" added Ms. Plamondon.

About Brunet
Established in 1855, Brunet’s engagement is to provide Quebecers with personalized advice and services related to their health. Brunet, which network represents around 180 franchised stores in Quebec, continues its development by continuously improving its products and services. For more details, visit brunet.ca.


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