A pharmacist who is larger than life

Jean-Sébastien Croteau, Brunet-affiliated pharmacist owner in Victoriaville.

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Jean-Sébastien Croteau, Brunet-affiliated pharmacist owner in Victoriaville.

For Jean-Sébastien, the floods of 2003 in the Bois-Francs region gave birth to the idea to regroup to oranize relief for the disaster victims. Since then, there are countless organizations to which he has offered his support. He responded to all the calls made by the fund-raising campaigns of the Hospital HDA, the CHSLD Ermitage and the CLSC Suzor-Côté, as well as presiding over the campaign for the Canadian Red Cross for 2010-2011 and creating his own foundation. Grateful to see his loyal customers return year after year, he considers it only natural he should want to take care of them.

Curious by nature, Jean-Sébastien is particularly interested in the technological dimension of his profession. First, there was the establishment of a bagging machine that assures the automated dispensation of medications, eliminating handling and ensuring greater security in their distribution. A first for a Quebec community pharmacy! And since the environment occupies an important place in his life, Jean-Sébastien has combined his love of nature with his passion for the automobile. Two delivery vehicles, converted to run on recycled cooking oil, have now been replaced by two fully electric models. This initiative has been well received by the community and also piques its curiosity. The drivers go so far as to say that they get as many questions as if they were making deliveries in a Ferrari!

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