Vincent Blanchet is helping the social development of his community

Vincent Blanchet, Brunet-affiliated pharmacist owner in downtown Quebec City.

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Located in the Saint-Roch district of Quebec, a place of poverty, addiction and mental and physical health problems, Vincent Blanchet sometimes feels the need to leave his prescription counter and take to the streets to support people in need. The situation concerns him doubly since they are his patients who live in this rather impoverished sector. Along with 17 other Brunet-affiliated pharmacist owners, he created Fonds Foundation Groupe Fleury et Associés with contributions from all the pharmacies involved in this project. This fund redistributes donations collected from local organizations for social development and the support of community action. As administrator, Vincent loves to go out in the field, meeting volunteers and stakeholders and seeing how the monetary resources are invested. And he skillfully manages this immense responsibility outside his working hours. To date, nearly fifty organizations have benefited from financial aid totalling almost two hundred thousand dollars.

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Support for Maison de Lauberivière

Recently, the homeless shelter, Maison de Lauberivière, has benefited from a boost of funds. More than a temporary shelter and popular soup kitchen, this sanctuary welcomes and offers a multitude of services to men and women in need to help them reintegrate into society. Throughout the year, anyone who comes to the Maison de Lauberivière is welcomed, without judgement and with the greatest respect. Proud to support this organization, Vincent sees this as a way of giving back and helping less fortunate members of society.

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