Understanding and treating sunburn

Who’s never stayed out in the sun too long? Who hasn’t been tempted to sunbathe for a while without sunscreen? It’s very tempting, and if you happen to give in, you can be sure you’re not alone. Sometimes you get away with it, but on other occasions the results are unforgiving – that’s right, sunburn! Here is some insight into sunburn and how to treat it.

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Dermo-cosmetic analysis

Dermo-cosmetic analysis

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Since 1855 , your health is all that matters

Wilfred-Étienne Brunet, who on June 1, 1855, founded the first pharmacy bearing his name, was a man ahead of his time.

The four-story building erected in 1847 at the corner of Saint-Joseph and Sainte-Anne (later named de la Chapelle) was not only one of the largest, most modern and impressive in Canada at the time, it also housed Quebec's largest pharmacy.

In 1940, customers of the Brunet pharmacy were astonished to see its doors open in front of them, almost like magic, whenever they entered or exited the store. This automatic door-opening system, which used a motion detector, was a first in Quebec and yet another example of the innovations that Brunet administrators implemented to simplify their customers’ lives.

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