In-pharmacy services

When it comes to your health, make Brunet your first stop.

Whether for a consultation, a follow-up for a pregnancy, a renewal or an adjustment of your prescription, Brunet-affiliated pharmacists can advise you and provide certain types of care and follow-ups.

Brunet In-pharmacy services

New in-pharmacy services

  • Extend or adjust a prescription

  • Prescribe a medication in certain conditions

  • Prescribe and interpret laboratory tests*

  • Administer a medication in order to demonstrate its appropriate use to the patient*

More information on specific conditions

  • Adjust a medication

  • Prescribe a medication for a minor ailment (when the diagnosis is known)*

  • Prescribe a medication when no diagnosis is required*

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Other services offered

To help you follow your treatment and reach your health goals, Brunet-affiliated pharmacies offer a variety of other services.

Advice and follow-ups

  • Monitoring blood pressure
  • Personalized tips
  • Specialized orthopedics service
  • My Health tip sheets
  • Anticoagulant therapy follow-up
  • Specialized service for breastfeeding
  • Record transfer

Health assistance

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Emergency oral contraceptive
  • Delivery service
  • Pill dispenser service
  • Labels in large font
  • Disposal service for expired medication and used needles
  • Recyclable medicine bottles

Appointment booking

Make an appointment to meet with your pharmacist or another health professional.

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For worry-free travel health, first stop, Brunet. Several Brunet stores offer a specialized travel health clinic.

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