7 ways to relieve hot flashes during menopause


Sweating constantly, even during winter? Has a camisole become your favorite garment regardless of the temperature? Don’t worry. Read on to discover solutions that will help reduce the frequency of hot flashes and the effects they have on you.

Cool off

Grab an ice-cold drink, wet your face with a washcloth, use a fan, take a cool shower, retreat to an air-conditioned room and, if possible, get an AC unit at home.

Pay attention to your diet

Tea, coffee, alcohol, spicy or heavy meals can provoke hot flashes. If you can’t avoid them, at least minimize their presence in your diet.

Think about your outfit

Although the tank top has become your new best friend, you can also try other clothing styles made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool). Also, opt for layers rather than warm clothes; it will make it easier to remove items if needed. Last but not least, avoid tight-fitting outfits that will prevent your skin from breathing.

Breathe properly

A proper breathing technique helps reducing stress level, which, according to researchers, could help reduce your body temperature.


In addition to keeping you fit, yoga and mild physical activities such as walking and swimming can reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

Quit smoking

Partly responsible for premature menopause (when it occurs before 45 years old), tobacco also limits treatment options for hot flashes.

Consider medical treatment

If the above tips are not enough to relieve your symptoms, hormone treatments may be necessary. Although controversial, they are still an effective option when hot flashes and other menopause symptoms make life too difficult. Nonhormonal treatments (prescription or over-the-counter) also exist, but might be less effective than estrogen supplements. Don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist about it.


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