Monthly beauty promotions

Take advantage of these beauty promotions from March 26th to April 29th 2020.


L'oréal - Bambi eyes

Instant eye-opening defined volume. Wide-eyed brush to fit eye shape and coat every lash.


Teaology - Happy skin

This do-it-all beauty balm nourishes, soothes and illuminates stressed-out skin with 95% natural ingredients, vitamins, ceramides and the antioxidant blue tea infusion. Its vegan formula can be used to nourish, hydrate, and firm the face, neck, eye contour and lips.


Coup d'éclat

Coup d’Éclat has created this night care to help restore moisture, firmness and radiance.

Collagen synthesis within the body gradually slows down from the age 25, skin loses density and firmness and wrinkles appear. Coup d’Éclat has created this night care to help restore a younger looking skin. Astonishing results!



Ampoules are vials that are hermetically sealed, opened by snapping off the neck. With this specific packaging, the ampoule can ensure the maximum efficiency by just one precise gesture. Thanks to the photoprotective and sterile packaging, the ampoule preserves the active ingredients against UV, head and oxidation. This allows our labs to create minimalist formulas, with no preservatives and to incorporate active ingredients at maximum concentrations.

Liftactiv Peptide-C ampoules contain only 10 ingredients:

Bio-peptides: stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the appearance of wrinkles 10% pure vitamin C: acts on the radiance of complexion Multi-molecular hyaluronic acid: hydrates, smooths and plumps the skin


Annabelle - Perfect fit

Foundation with a comfortable and hydrating matte finish in a vegan formula! The foundation is waterproof and sweat resistant and stays on all day. It gives natural coverage with a matte finish and reduces the appearance of pores. The vegan formula is light and hydrating which allows the skin to breathe.