Your pharmacist has always been your partner in health

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Your health is our priority

Discover how Brunet-affiliated health professionals can help you improve your health and everyday well-being through the services and advice offered at your local pharmacy.

Services offered by health professionals

Discover the range of services offered by pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, and other health professionals at Brunet-affiliated pharmacies.

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Pharmacy services

Avoid long wait times at the clinic by making your pharmacist your go-to health professional and taking advantage of our in-pharmacy services.

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Health advice

Learn how you can take care of your health and that of your family every day with our health advice.

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Health goals and topics

Get information about various daily challenges, chronic illnesses, and particular health topics that concern people of all ages.

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Your health tools

Our online tools allow you to quickly access useful health services from the comfort of your home. Brunet is your first-stop health resource—even online!

Your information tools Make Brunet‑affiliated pharmacists your primary source of information when it comes to your health. You can also consult our drug encyclopedia or search for advice to help you with your specific health concerns or goals.

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Browse our drug dictionary to learn more about your medication.

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By topic or goal

Find advice related to your personal health concerns or goals.

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Keep your health at your fingertips

An even easier way to renew your prescriptions anywhere, anytime.

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