Is tax season coming?

Your free official prescription drug statement is at the tip of your fingers
Download an official listing of your prescription drug purchases quickly and for free in the Brunet MaSanté app or online.

How can I download my statement in the Brunet MaSanté app?

1) Select the record for which you wish to get a statement,

then click on the Tax icon in the Quick Access section.

2) Enter the statement start and end dates.

You can also choose to display the name of the medication and prescribing physicians, and to include $0.00 prescriptions: just check the appropriate options.

3) Click on Download

to get a pdf version of your statement, which you can print if needed.

How can I get my statement in my MaSanté Health Record?

  1. Log in to your record,

    then select the tab of the person for whom you wish to download the statement.

  2. Click on Statement for Income Tax Return.

    Enter the statement start and end dates, and select the complementary information to include if needed - medication and prescribing physicians' names, $0.00 prescriptions.

  3. Click on Submit

    to create a printable pdf version of your statement.

I don't have a MaSanté Health Record!

Follow these four easy steps to create one and benefit from all its advantages.

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Do you have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact your pharmacist for any question about your MaSanté Health Record. If you need technical support, you can send us your request by filling a contact form online.


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Is tax season coming?

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