Foundation Master Class


Some women shy away from foundation but Professional Makeup Artists know it's the secret weapon to a polished look. 
Good news! Here are step-by-step pro techniques and secrets. Let your natural beauty shine through with a flawless canvas thanks to the proper use of foundation.

Forget the fear, debunk those myths.

Forget what you think you know about foundation. Gone are the days of a streaky, cakey look and a masklike feel. Lighter, airier formulas and proper prep will ensure the end result is simply you, simply better.

Choose your formula

We can't stress how important this is. Matching the formula to your skin type is key to comfort, long wear and a natural look. Dry skin? Check out cream formulas. No need for heavy coverage? A light, fluid foundation may be perfect for you. Oily skin? Oil-free foundations or mineral powder foundations can give you the matte finish you long for. Check out the newest innovations like liquid-  or cream- to-powder formulas, which offer a silky soft finish.

Find your perfect shade

Spend a little time on this and don't be shy to ask a Brunet Beauty Pro for expert advice. Test the shade on your jawline and look at it in natural light by a window. The shade should "disappear" without too much blending. Always buy the best your budget can afford. It's absolutely worth it in comfort and benefits.

The perfect prep

Like all good works of art, a little prep goes a long way and your fabulous face is no exception! First, cleanse and moisturize your face. Wait a few moments until moisturizer is fully absorbed. Choose a lightweight primer to ensure your foundation lasts, your pores are minimized and your face is mattified.

And now on to the most important step: the application…

Apply foundation like a pro with the right tool!

Many women use their fingers to apply foundation but you won't find many makeup artists that do. They choose a brush or a sponge that allows you to deposit and blend your foundation with ease.

How to use a brush to apply liquid foundation:

  1. Choose a small brush with light, fluffy bristles to achieve an airbrushed finish.
  2. Pour a small amount of foundation into the palm of your hand.
  3. Swirl the tip of the brush in the foundation.
  4. Apply foundation, using light, circular movements to gently "buff" the product onto your skin. Never drag the brush. Keep buffing until foundation is perfectly blended, leaving you with a natural finish.
  5. Apply a light dusting of translucent powder to set.

Product spotlight!

A fabulous new find is the Vice | Versa Sponge from Chantal Lacroix, now available at Brunet. Its unique texture lets you enhance your complexion as it blends and blurs imperfections.  Its rounded and tapered shape perfectly adapts to every curve and facial contour and deposits the right amount of foundation for a flawless look. 

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