Stronger together

Let’s mobilize for another year to fight breast cancer.

An act of solidarity

For the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Brunet teams up with the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation and Clin d’oeil magazine to support people affected by the illness.

Until November 25, you can purchase a Clin d’oeil Stronger Together bracelet or necklace in our participating stores: an amount will go to the Foundation for each piece of jewellery sold.

*$12 per necklace and $5 per bracelet. Quantities are limited.

Québec Breast Cancer Foundation needs you!

More than 57.5 million: here’s what the Foundation has invested in innovation, leading-edge research and support programs since 1994.

By purchasing your jewel, you’ll participate in the pursuit of its mission: improve the quality of life of everyone affected and increase the survival rate.

Where do the donations go?

They allow the Foundation to act on four fronts.

Research & innovation

Funding and conducting leading-edge research to help reduce the impact of breast cancer.

Community support

Serving and supporting those affected by breast cancer so that no one has to face cancer alone.

Education and awareness

Educating people on the impact of breast cancer and encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle to foster prevention.


Influencing policies and ensuring that governments and other stakeholders act to improve access to care.


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Stronger together

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