Choosing the right cream in accordance with your skin type

Marie-Michelle Hallée, St-Hubert Brunet cosmetician

Skin Care 101: A cream for every skin type

Choosing appropriate skin care isn’t easy. There are many creams to choose from. Their properties are often very specific, and the differences between one cream and another aren’t always easy to distinguish.

So it’s quite natural to feel confused when you face a display shelf full of skin care creams. Which one should you choose?

Maybe the answer isn’t so much on the shelf as in the mirror. You see, your choice of cream should be based first and foremost on your skin type and not on manufacturers’ claims.

Choosing the right cream in accordance with your skin type

How well do you know your skin?

This may seem like a simple question, but when cosmeticians ask it, their clients’ only response is often silence.

And yet, you need to know about your epidermis – its characteristics and properties – if you want to find appropriate skin care.

Generally, skin diagnosis is based on two parameters: skin type and condition.

Skin types

There are four skin types.

Oily skin

Excessive sebum production results in oily skin. Oily skin shines, is thick, and has open pores. It is also prone to blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

Dry skin

If you have especially fine and sensitive skin and often feel a pulling and tingling sensation, particularly after washing, you can be sure you have dry skin. Dry skin is low in lipids and loses moisture easily due to its very permeable hydrolipid film.

Note: be careful not to confuse dry skin and dehydrated skin! Skin care solutions for these conditions are very different, and choosing the wrong treatment may create more problems.

Combination skin

Combination skin is dry in spots (cheeks and temples) and oily elsewhere (forehead, nose, chin).

Normal skin

As for normal skin, it is smooth, even, and soft and has few or no imperfections.

Skin condition

Regardless of your skin type, many factors can affect your skin condition, including fatigue, exposure to the sun, and stress. Skin conditions are generally temporary; however, in some cases, if exposure to causal factors is sustained, skin conditions may become permanent.

As a result, the epidermis may lose its usual glow and become dehydrated. Wrinkles or brown spots may appear. Pores may become overly dilated. But no worries: for every situation, there’s a cream that can help you.

Are you sure you know your skin type?

Self-assessment can certainly yield clues about your skin type. But to be absolutely sure, your best bet is to drop by one of our stores for skin analysis. It’s free and it takes only a few minutes.

Now, how do you choose?

Knowing your skin type is certainly important in choosing the right cream, but it’s not the only criterion!

Your cosmetician will certainly want to know about your specific needs, budget range, and care routine in order to find the right product for you. Feel free to ask her: she’s here to help you!

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Choosing the right cream in accordance with your skin type

Skin Care 101: A cream for every skin type
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