6 tips to be better organized

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t panic: these tips will put a stop to your stress.

6 trucs pour mieux vous organiser


Establish a routine.

The key to success is a well-established routine, whether bedtime, morning, meals, homework or bath time. Once fully integrated, the routine will actually make everyone’s life easier!


Use an agenda.

Mark all family activities in a calendar. You’ll have a full glance of your schedule and you’ll be sure not to forget anything! To keep your calendar organized, use highlighters as different colour codes: appointments in green, extracurricular activities in yellow, adult time in blue, and pink for family activities.


Check things off with a follow-up schedule.

In order not to forget anything, prepare a monitoring schedule for everything from homework to signing documents, information reading and miscellaneous (money for an extracurricular activity or a swimsuit and towel for an outing, for example). This way of organizing yourself will make things easier, you'll see!


Be ready for the morning.

Avoid the daily morning race by preparing the day before: prepare the breakfast table, lunch boxes, outfits for you and your children, your briefcase with everything you need for work, and, of course, schoolbags.


Define priorities.

There are only 24 hours in a day! If you can’t fit everything in, which is often the case, make a list of priorities. For example, sort the tasks into four categories: urgent and important, urgent but less important, not urgent but important, not urgent and less important. This little trick may sound simple, but it will also make life easier on those hectic days.


Expect the unexpected.

Make a list of important people around you (parents, neighbours, friends) who could help you out by babysitting your children, for example, if you need to stay at work late. You can also arrange with other parents to take turns keeping each other’s kids on pedagogical days. This will minimize time away from the office!


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6 tips to be better organized

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t panic: these tips will put a stop to your stress.
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