How to stay healthy while working remotely from home

Has remote work become your new reality? Here are three pillars to help keep you healthy while you work from home.


Set boundaries for your mental and physical health

When you work from home, it might be difficult for you to tell the difference between when you’re at home resting and when you’re at an extension of your office. The key here is to establish a routine and set boundaries.

If possible, define an area in your home where you can set up your office. That will help you separate your work from family time. Did you work from 9 to 7 when you were at the office? Stick to this schedule when working from home and don’t forget to have lunch!

On the other hand, just because your boss isn’t around doesn’t mean you should spend the entire day in your pyjamas. Keep motivated by letting your brain know when you’ll be starting your workday: take a shower, get dressed, just as if you were heading out to the office! Learn how to stay organized so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Once your day is done, stop checking your emails and shut your computer off. Take some time for yourself. Learn how to take care of your inner beauty to maintain your mental health. This is especially true when you’re working from home. Try to adopt the following healthy lifestyles:

  • Prepare healthy dishes for lunch
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep
  • Learn how to manage your stress (why not try meditation?)
  • Take active breaks

If you have a health problem, keep in mind our health care professionals are always available to advise you. They can provide tips for dealing with anxiety and other common ailments such as insomnia. If you need to consult them, simply book an appointment.


Maintain your workplace relationships to avoid feeling isolated

Even though you’re at home, you can still take a few minutes to have a conversation with your colleagues. Share a coffee break with them or schedule a virtual happy hour. Celebrate your successes, share your accomplishments, talk about the weather, say hello!

You’ll soon see that these small actions can make a real difference on your morale, your colleagues’ morale, and increase your team cohesion! Colleagues who get along well will increase their productivity and foster a sense of belonging within a company.


Adopt the right equipment and attitude

When working from home, you’ll often spend hours on end sitting down. That’s why it’s so important to have the right ergonomic setup to keep your body healthy.

Take the time to pick the right chair, desk, mouse, etc. Every detail is important. Make sure your back and neck are supported at all times. And ideally, you should be sitting straight up in your chair, not slouching. The right furniture and supplies might seem expensive but bear in mind that your health is priceless.

If your posture or repetitive actions are starting to cause you pain, consult a health care professional who will let you know how to adjust your setup.

Once you have the right equipment and you feel comfortable, don’t forget to stand up every now and then. Stretch. It’s good for your circulation and your back. Why not take advantage of a phone call or a videoconference to stand up? After all, a remote worker’s worst enemy is a sedentary lifestyle.


Pay attention to your eyes

When a chef takes a break, she doesn’t relax by cooking! The same principle applies to you. After working all day with screens, do you really want to spend more time staring at your TV or cellphone?

Here are a few simple tips to prevent headaches and red, irritated, or dry eyes:

  1. Take visual breaks (look away from your screen every 20 minutes).
  2. Make sure your monitor is at eye level and a reasonable distance away.
  3. If possible, place your screen in a location free of reflections (from the sun or a lamp).
  4. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  5. If your screen is too bright, lower the brightness but make sure you can still comfortably see it.
  6. If you need glasses, wear them. You can also make an appointment with an optometrist to make sure your eyes are healthy.

Your pharmacist can help you see clearer and can recommend artificial tears.

Don’t hesitate to consult them to make a choice that’s adapted to your needs.

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How to stay healthy while working remotely from home

Has remote work become your new reality? Here are three pillars to help keep you healthy while you work from home.
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