Nipple Variety Pack 4 un.

The Playtex® Nipple Variety Pack is the first of its kind, offering four BPA-Free nipples in different shapes and sizes to match baby’s unique preferences.
It is available in Slow, Medium or Fast Flow, and is compatible with Playtex® VentAire® and Playtex® Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners bottles.

Playtex® NaturaLatch®
- Most like Mother®
- Clinically shown to mimic baby's latch-on like the breast for easy, natural feeding

Playtex® Breastlike
- Designed to mimic the breast

Playtex® Fullsized Nipple
- Designed for wider mouths

And Playtex® Angled
- Designed for upright feeding

Playtex® nipples are made of silicone and BPA-free.
It’s easy to mix and match bottles and nipples for the perfect combination. Once you find the right nipple, you can use it with our Playtex® bottles.
Whether you want the convenience of disposable Drop-Ins® liners or prefer reusable bottles, Playtex has the bottle feeding system to meet you and your baby's needs.

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