Self Tanning 1un.

Extend your tan!! Just because summer is over doesn?t mean you have to give up that summer tan. !! COMODYNES SELF-TANNING NATURAL & UNIFORM COLOR is the self-tanning towelette that adapts the intensity of your tan to your natural skin tone. Excessively dark or orange color is avoided. One towelette contains exactly the right amount of product for a natural, even tan for face, neck and cleavage. Did summer vacations take you by surprise? Prefer to darken a light tan? Discover the self-tanner that provides a deep tan in just 3 hours. SELF-TANNING INTENSIVE & UNIFORM COLOR is a deep self-tanner which adapts color to your natural skin tone according to the phototype of your skin. Its formula produces a deeper tan. One dosage contains the perfect amount for a deep, even tan for face, neck and cleavage.

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