Mint Candy 100g

Montbec - No Sugar Added Peppermint
0 calories, and dental friendly – Splenda® is a safe ingredient, good for all the family; Sorbitol is only partially absorbed by the body, and therefore provides 2 times less calories than sugar. Recommended for low carb, low sugar, and low calorie diets.
Metabolizing sorbitol is not an insulin dependent process. Therefore, our products have a low glycemic index. A “dental-friendly” product which does not promote tooth decay.
Scientific evidence has proven that sorbitol offers some advantage in reducing the incidence of caries. Freshens breath.
Sucralose (Splenda®) 1.4 mg per portion of 2.3 g. 0 calories – Splenda® is a safe ingredient good for all the family. Gluten-Free, Nut-Free.

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  • Drowsiness
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