Axe® Peace Shampoo 355ml

Whether you spike your hair up, mess it around or comb it through, superior style starts with clean hair. Axe Peace® Shampoo. The mens shampoo that gives you touchably clean and great smelling hair. When you start with a shampoo that's designed to actually clean your hair, and not just make it smell good, bad hair days don't stand a chance. The fresh scent is an added bonus to the touchably soft hair. Massage into your scalp, rinse thoroughly and follow with your favourite Axe® styling products to craft your look. Clean, soft hair makes it easier for you to style your hair just how you like it. To fully refine your style, get showered with Axe Peace Body Wash for Men. Then team up Axe Peace Body Spray with Axe Peace Antiperspirant Deodorant to boost your scent. For a sophisticated, classic style that opens new doors every day.

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