Zorah Ino Intensive Hydrating Serum

30 ml

Improves skin hydratation.

Renews the skin's hydratation barrier in 24h.

Fights structural and cyclical dehydration.

Gives skin a lasting refreshed look.

Reduces redness caused by dryness.

For all skin types. Pure argan.

Zorah draws on traditions from the Orient and includes three plant extracts with soothing, moisturizing and quenching properties. Ino concentrates powerful active ingredients that stimulate skin and multiply the effectiveness and benefits of daily moisture care. This serum is your secret weapon to restore softness, radiance and smoothness to your skin. A must for thirsty skins, it offers immediate relief and lasting comfort. Ino prevents that pulling sensation, while keeping your skin plump, supple and saturated with very strong moisturizing ingredients.


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