5 secrets to surviving the excesses of the holidays


It’s tempting to indulge in the abundance of delicious dishes and celebratory drinks during the holidays. Without depriving oneself of pleasures that come around only once a year, it is possible to be just a little reasonable with these simple tips.

1. Don’t skip meals

It’s not a good idea to go without food all day to save room for that special dinner. In fact, you’ll be so hungry when you arrive that you’ll want to eat half the buffet by yourself. Instead, eat light, balanced meals, like a vegetable soup, at your usual times over the course of the day. Even if you eat smaller portions, you’ll find it easier to manage your appetite. You’ll also be less tempted by rich, sweet and salty foods.

2. Eat before you leave

It’s not a good idea to arrive at a reception on an empty stomach. You’ll be starving and tempted to eat everything in sight—including the rich appetizers and flaky canapés. Before you leave the house, make yourself a snack of carbs and proteins, like a glass of fresh juice with a yogurt or raw veggies with cottage cheese, to hold you over when you get to the party.

3. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

The effects of alcohol are felt much faster when consumed on an empty stomach. That’s right! Drinking on an empty stomach will lead to intoxication much faster. However, when the stomach is full, the food will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood. In short, if you’re going to drink, it’s better to do so on a full stomach. But be careful, alcohol stimulates appetite, so it might cause you to eat more than you normally would. Why not wait a little before having your first drink and start with a glass of water?

4. Drink lots of water

Drink water as often as possible over the course of the evening; it will keep you hydrated and in control of your appetite. Besides reducing your calorie intake, water will help you feel better in the morning. Get into the habit of alternating a glass of water with every glass of alcohol you drink. You’ll drink less, you’ll feel better in the morning and you’ll absorb fewer calories! And don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. When you feel thirsty, it’s already too late.

5. Go for smaller portions

Want a little taste of everything? Don’t go overboard, but don’t deprive yourself either. Opt for smaller portions; you can always go back for seconds if you’re still hungry. This way, you can sample everything without going to excess. For example, use a dessert plate rather than a big dinner plate, and let your host know that you only want a small portion of everything. 


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