Get set for a beautiful Valentine’s Day

Marie Héroux Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger 

February 07th, 2018

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Planning a night out on the town for Valentine's Day? Whether you have a romantic dinner or night out with friends lined up, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to glam it up. And a luminous complexion and subtle makeup are just the ticket!

Here’s a simple and effective step-by-step beauty routine to get you there.

  • Clean skin with a cleansing milk or a wipe, as you prefer. I’m a big fan of VICHY 3-in-1 wipes for fresh, clean skin.
  • Apply your choice of serum and day-care product.
  • When your complexion looks healthy, you always look your best. So, be sure to choose products like MARCELLE BB Radiance Glow Dye Illuminator that are specially designed to brighten it up. This universal shade tinted cream unifies your complexion while adding a luminous touch.

Your skin is now ready for makeup.

Beauty tip: Apply KLORANE Anti-Aging Smoothing and Relaxing Patches under your eyes and leave them there will you get made up. Not only will they decongest and relax the contour of your eyes, they’ll catch any excess eye shadow dust that might fall and dirty the underside of your eye.

My choice for Valentine’s Day is a palette of rose shades. Suitable for any skin tone, rose hues make eyes look fresh and feminine. Lise Watier’s new Urban Velocity collection is the ideal choice to create romantic, feminine makeup.

For dinner with your sweetheart:

  • Using the lightest shade, apply shadow to the inner corner of your eyes and under your eyebrow.
  • Next, apply a medium shade to the center of your eyelids.
  • Then, use a dark shade to the outer corner of your eyes to add structure.
  • Apply eyeliner to your upper eyelid lash line, and then brush on some black mascara.
  • Apply blush lightly at the top of your cheekbones.
  • Round out the look with Urban Velocity Marble Lipstick in a lovely shade of mauve-rose to add nuance and depth to your lips.


Beauty tip: Apply a dab of the lightest eyeshadow on your cheekbones near the temples. Blend it in gently with your fingers to create a luminous effect!


For an evening out with your friends:

  • Apply a medium shade on the entire eyelid.
  • Using a beveled brush, apply a dark shade to the upper lash line.
  • Brush on black mascara.
  • Apply blush.
  • Round out the look with pink or red lip gloss.


Beauty tip: For a natural look, apply brown eyeliner and mascara.


Don’t forget to paint your nails pink for the occasion!

Top things off by dabbing on your favourite fragrance. These days, I really like Mercedes-Benz Eau de Parfum, a floral-oriental fragrance that’s heady yet delicate!

Above all, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something special.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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