Transferring my record is fast and easy

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You may need to transfer your prescriptions in various situations

Rest easy: your Brunet-affiliated pharmacist-owner is here to make sure your record follows you at all times.

Are you moving?

Contact your new pharmacist and ask them to transfer your record from your former pharmacy. It's that simple!

Are you away without access to your medication?

Contact the pharmacy closest from where you are: the pharmacist can ask for a prescription transfer from your regular pharmacy.

Make your health simpler with us


A network connected to your needs

To transfer your prescriptions or record easily between pharmacies affiliated to the Brunet network, you just need to confirm that you consent to the ?? of your record information.

Are you looking for the closest Brunet pharmacy? Our pharmacy locator can help.

*Some restrictions or conditions apply. Some medication cannot be transferred as per federal legislation.


Do you know MaSanté online?

Renew your prescriptions and manage those of your loved ones wherever you want, whenever you want with a range of useful tools.

This service is offered by the pharmacist-owners affiliated to Brunet


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Transferring my record is fast and easy

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