Beauty comes in all colours


The colour displays at the makeup counters can make you dizzy. But we show you how to find out which shades suit your beauty best!

La beauté sous toutes ses couleurs

We've all done it. Seen a gorgeous photo in a magazine of a model or celebrity and decided we wanted that makeup look! But the reason why the look appealed to us was no doubt because a professional makeup artist chose the correct colours to suit the subject. Also professional photography and retouching can bring out hues in a woman's complexion and eyes so that the overall look is pleasing.

Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing colours for makeup that will make others say: "I want that look, too!"

The eyes have it!

Brown - This is a universally flattering shade. Just remember to adjust the intensity and tone. A full lid of brown shadow could make eyes appear smaller, but creamy brown liner will provide soft, doe-eyed beauty.

Green – While electric greens can look edgy on green-eyed beauties, most women are more flattered by mossy greens with a hint of gold or brown.

Bronze/Gold – A gorgeous choice that again looks great on most women. Just be careful that the golden touch is not too yellow or you run the risk of looking sallow.

Navy – there is a reason it's called the new black. Navy eyeliner looks sophisticated, it pops on both dark and light skin tones and tends to look less harsh and "muddy" than black. In fact, if you try a look that features black and think it's too dramatic and just not you, try it in navy. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Nude – soft and buttery nude eyeshadow shades let you enhance your skin, allowing your natural tone to show through, but with a polished finish.

Blushing beauty

Earthy brown pink – This will give you a natural, neutral blush. It looks best on medium to dark skin tones.

Coral/peach – While some darker complexions can carry it off, it looks ethereal and romantic on fair skin tones.

Smile in colour!

Nude  – Ideal for all skin tones. The key is to match the nude shade as closely as possible to your natural lip color to look polished. For example, if your lips have a touch of pink in them, choose a pinkish nude.

Pink – Keep true baby pinks translucent for the most flattering look. Earthy pinks, that is those with a touch of brown, are always lovely on any skin tone.

Berry – These are great for a pop of color, but try to choose a semi-sheer or glossy texture. Experiment and see what looks right with your skin tone. Hint: if it's too bright or deep, tone it down with gloss.

Red – Red offers instant drama and sophistication. If you have a warmer complexion, choose a warmer red and vice versa for a cooler complexion.

Texture is key, too. A classic office look or glam evening dress would call for a matte texture, while a casual t-shirt, leather jacket and jeans always look great with glossy red lips.

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