Program MaSanté

How can I sign up for the MaSanté program?

You can register in three easy steps:

  • Ask your pharmacist for your access code.
  • Create your personal account on, then click "Activate your file" in the MaSanté section.
  • Complete your file with your personal health information by typing in the account number and access code. You can then check your prescriptions and send prescription refill requests online.

Note that signing up for the MaSanté program cannot be done without your consent and that your personal information remains confidential at all times.

If you have questions about the MaSanté program, or if you need help to register, don't hesitate to contact us. We will get back to your as soon as possible.

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Can I renew, change or add prescription renewals online?

No. Only a pharmacist can add, change or refill prescriptions. However, MaSanté allows you to send prescription refill requests online.

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What should I do in case of an error in my refill?

We invite you to contact your pharmacist by telephone. You will find his or her contact information by clicking on his or her name in your MaSanté file or by doing a search in the "Find my Brunet" section.

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Do I need to have an access code to access the site?

You need to have the access code provided to you by your pharmacist to have access to your prescriptions online. However, you can access the Brunet website and the My account section without the access code.

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Why do I have to contact the pharmacy to gain access to some of the site's functions, such as prescription refills?

For security purposes, we ask you to contact the pharmacy to obtain a one-time code that will give you access to your file. This is how we confirm your identity and your consent to use the service.

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Does MaSanté replace my pharmacist?

Not at all. MaSanté is only a tool to help you better manage your health. It also allows your pharmacist to offer a highly personalized service.

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What is the difference between my access code and my Brunet password?

The password is chosen by the user, allowing him or her to connect to the site. The access code is given by the pharmacy and is used to link your online file to your pharmacy file. It will only be required when you reach the "Complete my file" step. Therefore, you will only need it once to download your prescriptions to your MaSanté file. Once this step is done, we will not ask for this information again.

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Do I have to pay to use the MaSanté program?

No. The MaSanté program consists of an array of free services presented by all Brunet-affiliated pharmacists-owners.

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Can I request an access code online?

You must go to your Brunet-affiliated pharmacy or call them and request it from your pharmacist. For security reasons, we cannot send your personal information, such as your access code, by mail or by email.

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I ordered my medication to be delivered, but it has not arrived.

For medication deliveries, you must take your pharmacy's opening hours into account. The pharmacist does everything he or she can to deliver your medication at the requested time, but there are no guarantees.

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Can Brunet complete my registration on my behalf?

For security purposes, since your information is personal, we unfortunately cannot register for you. However, your health professional will be happy to help you. In addition, you can also contact us by email at any time.

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What is the goal of the MaSanté program?

The MaSanté program is there to simplify your life and help you save time! Thanks to its online refill option, you can request prescription refills from home or anywhere in the world, and even get them delivered. Thanks to file sharing, you can access your prescriptions at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world.

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Do I have to be signed up for MaSanté to be a Brunet customer?

No. It is simply an additional, highly personalized service offered by your pharmacy.

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Do I have to be a Brunet customer to register for MaSanté?

Yes, you must be a Brunet-affiliated pharmacy customer to get access to your online prescriptions through MaSanté.

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How do I cancel my account?

You must go to your pharmacy and ask to remove access to the information in your pharmaceutical file on the MaSanté site. However, your Brunet account remains active.

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