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5 Tips on How to Prevent Problems Related to Andropause


All men experience a gradual decline in their testosterone levels after the age of 30. This is quite normal. But for some men, this phenomenon causes symptoms that can disrupt their daily lives. Erectile function disorder, loss of energy, depression, and increased fat tissues are only a few examples. However, it is possible to prevent or improve these symptoms by minimizing the decline in testosterone levels. How? By following these tips.

L’andropause et ses traitements

Moderate your alcohol consumption

Alcohol lowers testosterone levels in the blood, which can have negative, sometimes long-term effects, on your sex drive and erectile function. Alcohol consumption for men should not exceed 14 drinks a week distributed over 7 days, i.e. 2 drinks a day.

Avoid sources of stress

Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that reduces the production of testosterone. Learn to relax through breathing exercises and meditation when you’re stressed.  

Check your diet

Make sure you’re getting a balanced diet. The proportion of fats, sugars (energy source), and proteins you eat affects your testosterone levels. Be sure you’re getting enough nutrients such as zinc (red meats, mushrooms, spinaches, broccolis, etc.), omega-3 (nuts, canola oil, salmon, sardines, chia seeds, etc.), vitamin D, and calcium (dairy products, soya drinks, etc.). Avoid foods that are too sweet or salty, caffeine, and bad fats that can cause the body to slow down, impeding hormone production.

Stay active

Doing thirty minutes or more of intense physical activity will encourage your body to produce testosterone. So it is recommended that you stay active and regularly practice a sport such as weight training or swimming (or any other sport that uses most of the muscles in your body) to promote testosterone production. Doing physical exercise is also the best way to stay healthy.

Get enough sleep

Testosterone is produced mainly during REM sleep, so it’s important to get a full night’s sleep, i.e. eight straight hours. If you have difficulty falling asleep, talk to your pharmacist for advice.

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When the symptoms of andropause become too severe, many men turn to testosterone supplements. Although there is some debate about the effectiveness of testosterone supplements, they do appear to improve mood, energy levels, muscular strength, and bone health. Testosterone supplements come in a number of different forms: pills, patches, gels, and injections. Testosterone treatments are generally safe for most men, but they can involve certain risks. Talk to your pharmacist!  


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