5 daily actions to get back in shape

Don't have enough time to exercise? Break the routine by adding a few new daily actions to get back in shape.

5 daily actions to get back in shape

When it comes to getting back into shape, the excuse of choice is lack of time. Since the advent of computers and smartphones, we want instant results and expect the same from a workout. It has to be efficient because we think we don't have enough time. What to do?


Start with one minute of exercise per day

You surely have a minute to spare a day, either first thing in the morning, at work or in the evening. Set your timer and get moving!

For example: squats, bench dips, incline push-ups, jumping jacks and front plank. This program will help you slowly tone your body every day with buttock and ab exercises.

Did you know that, according to Health Canada, physically active employees are on average 12% more productive than sedentary employees? Imagine, just a few minutes of exercise a day can significantly increase both your performance at work and your health.

Start taking better care of your health today by staying active.


Take active breaks

Everyone has access to a timer, on their computer, cell phone or smart wristband. Set an alarm to go off every hour. Set an alert to remind you every hour to exercise for one minute: a few steps or stretches will suffice!

Research shows that a 10-minute break greatly improves fitness and performance at work, which in turn helps maintain good health and prevent backaches.

  • stand up,
  • stretch,
  • get some water,
  • go to the bathroom...

They're all a good excuse for a short break.

Don't have time to get up and about? No problem, straighten in your chair and work your legs under your desk. For example, do 15 reps of knee extensions and 15 reps of heel lifts.

These exercises will tone your legs and buttocks as well as improve blood circulation, which can become problematic in some people who spend their days seated at a desk. You didn't have time to do these exercises during your working day, do simple exercises while your watching TV.


Stand up more often

According to Statistics Canada, adults spend an average of nearly 10 waking hours a day sedentary (not including sleep). In other words, the average Canadian is physically inactive approximately 17 hours out of 24.

We sit at a desk at work, sit in the cafeteria at lunch time, sit in the car or public transit on the way to and from work, sit down to dinner, and then top off the day by sitting in front of the TV for 2 hours. No wonder our legs are swollen at the end of the day and we feel out of breath walking up stairs.

We need to stand more often! Try standing behind your chair at meetings and offering your seat to someone else on the metro. Take pride in working your legs—they'll be supporting you the rest of your life. Standing up works your postural muscles (abs and buttocks) without you even noticing it. Isn't that fantastic?!


Take a midday walk

An excellent way to integrate physical activity into your daily life is to go for a walk on your breaks at work.

Relax, go outdoors, run some errands nearby and explore the area.No need to run or walk fast. Lace-up your sneakers and disconnect from work. Get some fresh air. Inhale and exhale.

Your performance is sure to improve. In addition to filling up on oxygen, you'll increase energy output and sleep better at night.


Choose active transport

To burn more calories on a daily basis, opt for active transportation. Walking, biking, using public transport, etc. All these options allow you to exercise on the way to work or when you go grocery shopping.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If using public transport, why not get off one stop before yours to walk to your destination? As well as stimulating your system and working your abdominal muscles, you'll spend a few more minutes outdoors, which increases oxygen to the brain and enhances your mood.

Cycling is, of course, is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and tone lower body muscles, like the buttocks. Even if it's a short ride, remind yourself that you're doing more than before.

It is never too late to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Illnesses don't always have to be prevented before they occur, so why not slow down and prevent them?

Are you concerned about the effects of excess weight on your health? Talk to your pharmacist or doctor. They can help you calculate your BMI.

You can also call on other professionals' expertise, such as a nutritionist, to help you develop an action plan to maintain a healthy weight.

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5 daily actions to get back in shape

Set an alert to remind you every hour to exercise for one minute: a few steps or stretches will suffice!
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