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A listening ear. A dedicated person. A front-line professional who can manage a variety of health and medication-related problems. Meet your pharmacist! Discover the services they provide for your day-to-day needs.

Services offered in pharmacy.

Your everyday life, your story

Marta, 37, is the mother of 5-year-old Emma. The little girl has suffered from severe peanut and dairy allergies since birth—a situation that has caused Marta and her partner, Carl, a lot of stress in recent years. Marta explains:

“We realized Emma was suffering from allergies while I was breastfeeding. I had to change my diet so I wouldn’t endanger her life. It was difficult to accept: your adorable baby may be suffering because of you.

Now that Emma is older, we have to check the list of ingredients on all her foods, watch her so she doesn't eat anything “wrong”, make sure the daycare cooks special meals, and rethink the way we celebrate Halloween and Christmas. We’re incredibly careful, but there have still been times when she’s had a reaction, and we’ve had to get out the epinephrine auto-injector and take her to the emergency room. It’s a lot to handle. We can’t really relax, we’re always worried . . . It's easy to imagine the worst-case scenario.”

After Emma’s last allergic reaction about 9 months ago, Marta started having anxiety attacks. She’s also been getting headaches more and more frequently.


Your pharmacist: Someone who listens to you . . .

Pharmacists welcome these types of stories. They know their patients’ profiles inside and out and are happy to answer their questions and listen to their concerns. In a case like Marta’s, for example, a pharmacist could:

  • Reassure her about her anxiety attacks and offer her follow-up or treatment options
  • Suggest ways to relieve her headaches and/or refer her to another health care professional if necessary
  • Help her develop an action plan to manage her daughter’s allergies
  • Suggest solutions to make it easier to manage Emma’s allergies on a daily basis


. . . and a professional who supports you

Pharmacists play a key role in managing and monitoring your health, both professionally and personally. In addition to analyzing and filling prescriptions, they can provide a number of other services under certain conditions:

Existing prescriptions

  1. Extending a prescription—after verifying the effectiveness and safety of the treatment—if you can’t see your doctor before your prescription expires.
  2. Adjusting your medication if you think it’s not working or if you think you’re experiencing side effects.
  3. Replacing your medication in certain cases, for example, when a drug is out of stock and you need to continue your treatment.

New prescriptions, tests, and vaccines

  1. Prescribing and administering vaccines, including vaccines for the seasonal flu, COVID-19, shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, and whooping cough.
  2. Ordering and interpreting medication-related laboratory tests to ensure that your treatment is effective and has no side effects.
  3. Prescribing medication for previously diagnosed minor ailments: cold sores, eczema, urinary tract infections (without complications) in women, etc.
  4. Prescribing medication for conditions that don’t need a diagnosis, such as smoking cessation, malaria prevention, or traveller’s diarrhea (”turista”).

Medication help

  1. Administering injectable drugs to show you how to use them: for example, helping someone with their first insulin injection.
  2. Suggesting ways to avoid forgetting a medication or treatment: a reminder system, keeping your medication in a pillbox, etc.
  3. Managing expired or unused medication. Don’t throw away unused medication! Instead, take it to your pharmacist for environmentally friendly disposal.
  4. Having your medication delivered if necessary. Are you short on time or unable to go to the pharmacy yourself? Your pharmacist offers a delivery service for your medications. Simply ask for this service when renewing your prescription on the phone or through the MaSanté application.

Support for everyday activities

  1. Helping you monitor chronic diseases by providing you with tools to take your blood pressure and measure blood sugar levels at the pharmacy, as well as suggesting treatment options based on your results.
  2. Helping you choose orthopedic equipment and maintain your independence. Finding the right walking aid is no easy task. Your pharmacist can help you choose from the canes, crutches, and walkers available or from the many other orthopedic products you’ll find in Brunet-affiliated pharmacies. You can also get invaluable advice on incontinence, stoma, and independent living products to make your everyday life easier.

Want to learn more about pharmacy services?

Some of Brunet’s affiliated pharmacist-owners offer specialized services, such as on-site consultations with a nurse, vaccinations, cholesterol monitoring, methadone, breast pump rentals, and much more! Use our store locator to learn more, or ask your pharmacist what they can do for you.


Get to know your pharmacist


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All the services offered in our pharmacies

Your Brunet-affiliated pharmacists are there for you with tips and advice, over-the-counter medication and many other essential services. Here is how they can help you take care of your health on a daily basis
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