COVID-19 PCR test for travel (departure)

(collaboration with Biron)

These services are offered by the pharmacist owners affiliated with Brunet.

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The PCR testing service is offered to people who need to be certified while traveling. The sample will be collected in a pharmacy and sent to one of Biron's analysis laboratories. The results, along with a certificate of your COVID-19 status, will be sent to you by e-mail by the Biron team within 24 hours.

It is your responsibility to choose the appropriate test according to your destination, layovers and carrier. For travel to Hawaii, Japan, China or Hong Kong, make an appointment with Biron directly to obtain the appropriate negative test certificate.

When making an appointment, be sure to choose a time slot that allows you to meet the requirements of the destination country (generally between 24 and 72 hours before boarding).

IMPORTANT: This test is not a diagnostic test. This service is not for people with symptoms of COVID-19. Please go to a government designated screening center for a test to confirm or deny the diagnosis:

Important to know

The pharmacies affiliated with Brunet and Biron Health Group are partners in providing this service. Samples collected in affiliated pharmacies are sent to Biron Health Group's central laboratory where the analyses of said samples are performed.

By making an appointment, you consent to the affiliated pharmacies sharing your personal information with Biron Health Group for the provision of services and you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy of Biron Health Group and its affiliates available at the following address:

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