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  • My pharmacy
    My pharmacy

    Geolocate and save your pharmacy. You can quickly find out its opening hours and the services it offers, and you can make an appointment with one of its affiliated health professionals*.

  • MaSanté

    Send your prescription refill requests, obtain information about them and easily manage your family members’ health files.

  • Active Health
    Active Health Challenge

    Get your personalized health score in less than 5 minutes, take up fun challenges and track your daily progress in one place to improve your lifestyle, one step at the time.

  • My follow-ups
    My follow-ups

    Wherever you are, you can track your health by saving your weight, blood-sugar and blood-pressure information. This daily data tracker will allow you to keep a close eye on your health.

  • My follow-ups
    with smart card
    My follow-ups with smart card

    Keep track of your health by using our smart card, which allows you to save all data directly into your account while you’re at the pharmacy.

  • Flyer

    At any time of day or night, check out your pharmacy’s promotions and specials on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • Encyclopedias

    Get access to a wealth of information by consulting our encyclopaedias of drugs, illnesses, minerals, vitamins and natural health products.

  • Promotions

    Keep up to date with all of the contests, promotions and specials offered

*This service is only offered in select locations branches. Ask your pharmacist.

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    at the pharmacy

    to get our Personal
    Identification Number.

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  • Activate your
    MaSanté file

    to request a refill of your prescriptions
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MaSanté is presented by the pharmacists affiliated to Brunet.
Active Health Challenge

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  • Get your personalized health diagnosis
  • Stay motivated with our interactive tool
  • Get handy tips from our experts

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