Blue Elastics 16un

The Samani line has everything required to meet your hair-accessories and hair-decoration needs.
Clips and elastics in all shapes, sizes, and colours; accessories for daytime, or nights on the town; classic barrettes and fashionable headbands; all are available to accessorize to your wardrobe.
And to polish off your hairdo, nothing is better than a Samani brush or comb. Styling your hair is made easier with our high-quality brushes and combs, all at highly competitive pricing. The comb line has everything from detangling combs to pin-tailed combs. The brush line is expansive, with boar-bristles, round, paddle or vented varieties - even handy purse-size brushes.
And because one needs a bit of work before the play, your practical needs are also met in the Samani line. Hair nets, rain and shower bonnets, and bobby pins are available at great pricing.

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