Revival Pro-Sculpt Day Care 50ml

REVIVAL: the trusted leader in skin care for mature skin Marcelle now introduces RevivalTM Pro-Sculpt, with the latest technologies developed for mature skin, including 2 new benefits; a resculpting action and Vederine, which acts like Vitamin D for your skin. In the cold, and at times dark, Canadian climate, we can’t always get enough vitamin D from the sun. While known to be an important factor in bone health, vitamin D also plays an important role in skin health. Revival Pro-Sculpt contains Vederine® that acts like vitamin D for the skin to increase skin thickness and density, without requiring exposure to the sun. Benefits Plumps skin Improves skin density, firmness and elasticity Smoothes the appearance of deep wrinkles Refines the contours of the face Regenerates and deeply moisturizes the skin Combats effects resulting from hormonal changes and environmental factors Increases skin thickness Acts like vitamin D for skin without UV exposure – New benefit Fights against skin sagging and improves its resistance to gravity - New benefit

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