Looky eyes 3D mascara 1un.

Looky Eyes 3D Mascara is an innovative gel and fiber duo which creates a false eyelash effect. It provides extreme length and volume. Your eyes will look larger and lit up thanks to the green tea fibers. Simple and quick to apply, it produces a spectacular finish! This mascara is long lasting because of the Xanthan gum which increases its adhesion and strength. There are two brushes: The first brush is coated with the preparation gel, which is used to moisten the eyelashes before applying the fibers as well as to set these fibers for a maximum hold. The gel contains three key ingredients: beeswax, which sculpts your lashes in addition to nourishing, stimulating, and protecting them; collagen, which gives extreme volume to your lashes; and carnauba wax, which helps to hold the fibers throughout the day. The second brush is coated with green tea fibers, which stick well to lashes covered with the preparation gel. So, lashes appear longer and thicker. The fibers build maximum volume creating the effect of bigger lashes.

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