Continuous Glucose Monitoring system

Manage your diabetes with confidence

Say hello to the amazing Dexcom G7

Introducing Dexcom G7


An easier way to manage all types of diabetes

Dexcom G7 delivers real-time glucose numbers 24/7 to your smartphone‡ - no routine fingersticks*, scanning or calibrations required. See your glucose levels and where they're heading, so you can make smarter decisions about food and activity in the moment, allowing you to take control of your diabetes.

* If your glucose alerts and readings from the Dexcom G7 do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions
‡ Smart devices sold separately. For a list of compatible devices, please visit

Exactitude inégalée

#1 in accuracy

Make confident decisions with the most accurate CGM system in Canada†,1

Petit et discret

Small and discreet

A sensor so small and comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it.§,2

Démarrage d’une rapidité inégalée

Fastest warm-up time

Enjoy less downtime with a lightning fast 30-minute warm-up - 2x faster than any other CGM system.2,3

Réduction démontrée du taux d’HbA1c

Proven to lower A1C

Achieve your health goals with Dexcom G7. Proven to lower A1C and increase time in range.4-8

Données en temps réel

Real-time insights

With your glucose numbers, trends, and results all on one screen, you can make smarter decisions about food and activity, in the moment.

Alertes prédictives

Predictive Alerts

Urgent Low Soon - Sleep with greater peace of mind, knowing that the fully customizable alerts can notify you before you go to too low, or when you are too high.


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