The power of nutrition on beauty

The nutritive cosmetic range developed by a Doctor in nutrition

NU-RISH is the promise of a healthy, natural, and lasting beauty. That's why nature is at the heart of their formulas.

Composed of 99.7% to 99.9% ingredients of natural origin and rich in antioxidants, their mission is to offer you excellence through high quality, high performance, and environmentally friendly products.

Ingredients and attributes

Nutritious food ingredients for a deeply moisturized skin


Typically derived from plant sources, skin tanning occurs when DHA chemically reacts with amino acids, proteins, and peptides found in the top layer of the skin.


Nourishing active ingredients to revitalize the skin.


No self-tanning smell thanks to our signature mood-boosting fragrance

Lip scrub

Composed of 99.9% ingredients of natural origin, it effectively removes dead skin cells without aggression, leaving lips soft, regenerated, and feeling smooth. Made with organic unrefined sugar, enjoy a natural scrub with the fruity fragrance of pomegranate to spoil the delicate skin of your lips.

Lip balm / night mask

Formulated with 99.9% ingredients of natural origin, this lip balm can also be used as a night mask to repair damaged lips. Enriched with shea butter and coconut butter, it moisturizes, plumps and deeply nourishes lips. Its glossy finish leaves lips comfortable and voluptuous.

Exfoliating body gel

With 99.7% natural origin ingredients, it gently exfoliates thanks to grape seed grains and bamboo powder. It removes dead cells from skin’s surface to help improve tissue oxygenation. Its creamy texture is easy to apply and rinse off, leaving no greasy or sticky residue.

Body sorbet milk

Soft, hydrating and delicately scented with citrus notes. Made with 99.7% ingredients of natural origin, it deeply moisturizes and protects against pollution, cold and wind, Thanks to its powerful antioxidants,it strengthens skin tissue and improves skin elasticity.

Did you know that your skin is a direct reflection of your inner health?

A dull skin can reflect nutritional deficiencies. It's important to rethink skincare from a healthy and sustainable perspective. Particularly in a context where we are constantly stormed by stress, pollution and lack of sleep.

Treat yourself to a unique experience with products respectful of your skin and your health.

At NU•RISH, you'll find the balance between your inner AND outer beauty, thanks to nutritive products.


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