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LOTUS AROMA Orange-Mandarin Bath & Body Wash is nutritive, wonderfully cleansing and non-greasy. Combining both a shower gel and a bubble bath, it is a pure delight and an invitation to complete relaxation… With its magical texture, it proposes a creamy, generous, subtle and heavenly lather. This Bath & Body Wash score an ode to beauty and healthy skin. Its captivating, delicate and intoxicating texture allow for a very light application to the skin, leaving it feeling clean, refreshed, beautifully soft and silky. The result is pure balance and a feeling of lightness. LOTUS AROMA Bath & Body Washes contain natural essential oils of the highest quality. They stand out by the purity of their enchanting blends of essential oils and their captivating textures. Use without restriction. Pleasure is a healthy addiction.

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