When it's time to remove your make-up, Comodynes has prepared the perfect solution Comodynes make-up removing towelettes are not just simple wet wipes you rub over your face and that's that. They have been specifically formulated to provide you maximum safety and effectiveness when caring for your skin. Comodynes is hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, no coloring, 100% biodegradable . Our entire range of Make-up remover towelettes incorporates a new micellar formula that provides maximum make-up removing efficiency, coupled with maximum dermal and ocular tolerance. This favors a quick and easy application that cleans effectively without the need for rinsing, and is very gentle for the skin. But that's not all, because our make-up remover towelettes provide you with 3-in-1 facial hygiene. The action of the milk, tonic and eye make-up remover is brought together in a single step. Comodynes offers you a specific Make-up Remover for each skin type.

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