The common cold is really hard on your skin

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Colds are so easily passed on through seemingly harmless everyday gestures like a handshake or a peck on the cheek. And yet! There’s nothing pleasant about having a cold, neither for your nose nor your looks. But thanks to effective beauty solutions, you can do something about chapped lips, runny noses, lustreless skin, and puffy eyes.

Les effets du rhume sur le visage et la peau

When you catch a cold, you suffer more than just from a runny nose and teary eyes: your skin becomes pasty, the rim of the nostrils irritated, your lips chapped, and your eyes puffy. It’s no fun at all!

In the dermocosmetics department, your Brunet cosmetician has everything you need to soften the impact of the common cold on your face.

Help for chapped lips

The skin on the lips is very fine, and repeated contact with nasal secretions and saliva dehydrates it. It’s like when you keep your hands in water too long – the effect is the same.

The solution : Cold Cream Lip Balm from Avène

With its creamy and fluid texture, this lip balm provides effective remedial action and is a better choice than traditional waxy balms that tug at already-sore lips.

Brunet likes: Its hydrating power, practical tube, and effective cold-cream content.

Irritated nose

Repeated use of handkerchiefs and slightly saline nasal secretions results in a burning sensation and cracks in the skin.

The solution : Cicaplast Baume B5 from La Roche-Posay

This balm is paraben-free and fragrance-free, contains shea butter and glycerin, and repairs and soothes chapped skin rapidly thanks to its proven healing properties.

Brunet likes: Its softness and the fact that it’s effective for the whole family, even very young children.

Puffy eyes

You fall asleep with mouth open. Or you’re so congested that even your tear ducts are blocked. As a result, your eyes get puffy and the area around the eyes irritated.

The solution : Soothing eye contour cream from Avène

This cream contains thermal spring water and soothes and hydrates the fragile skin around the eyes and relieves inflammation.

Brunet likes: Its spectacular soothing action and ability to relieve congestion around the eyes whether you have a cold or not.

Facial care

The common cold is hard of your skin. You feel hot one moment and cold the next; your skin becomes dehydrated and more vulnerable. Quick, you need something that delivers both soothing freshness and effective hydration!

The solution : Uriage thermal water

A hydrating spray that soothes and protects. Because it is rich in minerals, including calcium and magnesium, it strengthens the skin’s hydrolipid film (which provides natural protection).

Brunet likes: Its practical format, immediate soothing effect, and the fact that it’s right for the whole family. A really good purchase!

Find out more thanks to this interesting article on the difference between dry and dehydrated skin.

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