Travelling Beauty


Planning your vacation? Whether your plans include big city touring or cycling through the countryside, we've got your beauty covered. Take along these tips, tricks and must-have products to sail through your downtime looking fresh and fantastic.

Soyez en beauté, peu importe où vous allez

Skin sense… Moisturize, Hydrate and Protect

Summer skin's number one enemy is dehydration and UV rays. Even on vacation, it is important to moisturize your skin and apply a healthy dose of SPF to keep your youthful beauty intact.

We like: IDC Rengen Express

This comprehensive care offers rich moisturizing and correction in one easy step for the face, eye area and neck. It smoothes lines, improves firmness, evens the complexion and boosts radiance.

Forgo Foundation

When the mercury rises and you are going to be outdoors, skipping foundation just makes sense. Hot temps and humidity can make foundation run, clogging and irritating pores. Instead keep skin clear with fresh gel cleansers and light toners. A touch of concealer on imperfections goes a long way to create a flawless canvas.  For extra polish, a powder bronzer offers a healthy glow and a soft, velvety-finish.

We like:  Maybelline Master Hi-LightTM

This light-boosting blush and bronzer formula has the ideal balance of shade plus shimmer illuminator for a natural glow. Choose from 6 illuminating combinations in a basket-weave, pressed powder compact for a custom sunkissed look.

Lip stain + gloss = a traveller's best buddy!

Look for the new felt tip or brush-on lip stain formulas. They last long, all while looking ultra-natural. Top your stain with a kiss of gloss to ensure lips stay moist and protected.  Some formulas even feature a dual tip, with lip stain on one, gloss on the other, doing double beauty duty!

Summer Beauty Travel Planner – Pro-packing tips!

Choose a large beauty case: Look for one with multi-compartments so you won't be searching for small items. You can also use small re-sealable sandwich bags to separate makeup, toiletries and hair care.

Pack the basics. Think of your morning and evening routines. Don't forget multi-use items. 2-in-1 cleanser and toner, a serum that works for morning and night care. Don't forget sunscreen and after-sun moisturizer, especially if you are going to a beach destination. Such locales often price those items at far more than your local Brunet store!

Makeup must-haves: Concealer, BB Cream (the ultimate beauty multi-tasker), Mascara, Lipstick, Gloss, Blush/Bronzer and Liner.

Tip: Choose a pencil in a neutral brown that you can use as a brow pencil, lip and eyeliner.

Hair and Body Care – Travel-size shampoo, conditioner, styling formulas, body lotion.

Essential take-along tools –comb, nail file, tweezers, razor, nail polish remover pads, facial cleansing wipes, Q-tips, bobby pins slipped on a hair elastics.

That's it… you're ready for taking off… organized beautifully!

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