5 skincare products for the changing seasons

In Quebec, your skin is constantly adapting to temperature fluctuations and seasonal changes. Weather conditions, like winter cold or summer humidity, can cause very different skin problems. Read on for a few tips on how to take care of yourself and your skin during these tough seasonal transitions!

A woman taking care of her skin during the changing seasons


Stay hydrated

As the seasons change, your skin may become dry and dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of water in both cold and warm weather. You can also apply moisturizer to drier areas of your body, such as your elbows, knees, ankles, and feet, which are often neglected. If you take a lot of hot baths, remember to moisturize afterwards to prevent dryness.


Adapt your skincare routine

We recommend that you always adapt your skincare products to the season.

When the temperature drops below zero, choose a face wash that’s gentler on your skin, such as a cream cleanser. Look for a makeup remover that won’t irritate your skin. A cleansing oil may be a good option, as it removes makeup without causing dryness or irritation, especially around the eyes.

When the weather starts to warm up, opt for lighter products. For instance, you could switch to a gel moisturizer. Whatever the season, find a sunscreen you love and apply it daily. Remember, the sun’s UV rays are constant throughout the year!


Clean up your makeup kit

Do you rarely wash your makeup tools? Get into the habit of cleaning and decluttering your beauty products between seasons. Throw away expired products and wash your makeup brushes and sponges. These tend to accumulate bacteria, so routine cleaning is essential.

To prepare for the coming months, get some seasonally appropriate makeup. For example, if summer is just around the corner, you can swap your foundation for a tinted sunscreen, or opt for a powder instead of a cream product to help you control excess shine.


Exfoliate your skin

At the end of winter and summer, your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells and forms new ones. Exfoliation speeds up that process, giving you smoother, softer skin. It removes dead skin cells, helps your skin absorb hydrating moisturizers, and restores your complexion’s natural glow. When it comes to exfoliation methods, you can opt for a chemical or physical exfoliator. In addition, if you regularly apply a self-tanner, you’ll need to exfoliate well to prevent the appearance of spots and streaks.

Certain chemical exfoliators, such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), contain enzymes that help to regenerate the skin. AHAs and BHAs are very powerful, and their benefits are visible in just a few days. They break down dead skin cells, giving you a fresh complexion every day. Physical exfoliators, on the other hand, are a good option to unclog pores. You can use exfoliating brushes or gloves, or granular scrubs.

A change of season can also be a good opportunity to see an esthetician for more in-depth skincare treatments. It’s a great way to give your skin a fresh start!


Get enough vitamins

Vitamins have everything you need to maintain a glowing, healthy complexion. In the summer, consider applying vitamin C or vitamin E. Their benefits include protection against the sun’s harmful rays. In the winter, you may be spending less time outside and getting less vitamin D, which is essential for your skin and overall health. Does your skin feel dry? Apply a vitamin B5 serum! Many skincare products have vitamin-enriched formulas.

To make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, you can also vary your diet and eat plenty of colourful foods, like green vegetables and fruits, especially in the fall and winter.

In short, skincare between seasons mainly involves maintaining good hydration, using the right products, and helping your skin regenerate.

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Last updated on February 24, 2023

Does your skin have trouble adjusting to temperature changes?

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5 skincare products for the changing seasons

With the seasonal changes, it is important to take care of your skin. So, we recommend you a few ways to take care of your skin during the changing seasons.
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