Fall Hair Colour Trends


It's Fall. The leaves are changing colour, tempting you to change your hair colour. Read on to find out what's hot, what's not and how you can get rich, trendy colour without breaking the bank…

A shade for every beauty!

Good news! The trends for this fall are as varied as the autumn foliage. But there is one thing that is consistent: fabulous hair colour that flatters your skin tone. If you want to do it yourself (and why not with such amazing products available), the rule of thumb is to keep within 2-3 shades lighter. So browns can go flaxen blonde, dirty blondes can go platinum. Red heads look warm and sunkissed with a rose gold shade. And brunettes are never more beautiful than when they spice it up with rich chocolate, caramel or auburn shades.

Not ready for an all-over change?

Pick up the nuances in eye colour and skin tone with highlights. Choose subtle changes like caramel or auburn on dark brunette hair or platinum to honey highlights for light brown or blonde hair. Of course, if you have a daring, youthful streak, try some of the pretty pastels, like lavender and pink. If you want to get in on the newest trend, go ombré. A celebrity favourite, it shows no sign of slowing down. While it looks complicated, it's actually easy, with none of the hassle of monthly touch-ups. Because colour is on the bottom or on inner layers of hair, re-growth is not an issue. Best of all, there are great at-home products that make it foolproof.

We like:

L'Oréal Preference® Ombré Touch

This user-friendly product lets you create the look you want with gorgeous, delicate strands of colour. Formulated for natural or colour-treated hair, it puts the allure of ombré literally at your fingertips with its easy-to-use fingertip brush.

How to apply ombré highlights:

Hair should be dry and detangled. Brush hair smooth to allow for a flawless application. Mix the L'Oreal Superior Preference Ombré Touch product as per directions. Put the fingertip brush on and get ready to dip away!
Decide where you want your ombré to begin. You can start at the level of your mouth. You can also lift the top portion of you hair up as if you were going to do a half-up, half-down hair do, pull out a full strands around your face and apply the ombré highlight mostly to the inner layers of your hair and just add a few highlights around your face. You control the colour gradation from your natural hair colour, depending on how long you leave the product in (anywhere between 20-45 minutes.) Check every 5 minutes to see how you like the highlighted colour.
For a more delicate application, use the fingertip brush vertically and only coat small strands. For a more intense look, use the brush horizontally to cover more hair.
Wash and rinse hair as directed.

    Tip:  Contrast makes ombré look the best, so don't go overboard. Contrast will give your ombré strands depth and a professional look.   

    Keep your colour-treated hair soft, silky and radiant!

    Once you've coloured or highlighted your hair, you must be diligent in keeping it nourished and protected to ensure your new colour looks salon-fresh for weeks to come. Rich conditioning is key.

    We like:

    Phytobaume Color Protect Express Conditioner

    This thick formula instantly detangles and durably protects your colour-treated tresses, locking in colour and offering protection from fading. With grapefruit extract and hibiscus flower acids to seal the cuticle for ultimate softness and shine, it also smells divine!

    Dive into the new season with a new hair colour. It's easy and fun! And, remember, you can get great advice and more tips from a Brunet Beauty Pro in store.

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