Security, Sharing and Access

Is MaSanté secure?
Yes. The level of security used for MaSanté is identical to the one used by banks. Data is saved on an independent server that is secured at all times. The transfer of personal information to the Internet is only done if you ask your pharmacist. You can decide at any moment to remove access to your pharmaceutical file from the online MaSanté account. All you need to do is tell your pharmacist.
Is my personal information secured?
Our site is hosted by a server that meets the highest standards of security. Your data is encrypted and secured. It is also for your safety that we ask you to go to the pharmacy in person to obtain a one-time PIN to get access to your file.
Who can access my information?
Only your pharmacist has access to prescription and refill information on the secured computer he or she uses at the pharmacy. For the rest of the information, the user who knows the login name and password is the only person to have access to it.
How do I share my health data with my doctor?
You can get connected on your smart phone and show your file directly to your health practitioner, or access your file on his or her computer! You can also print the pages you need, the list of medications you take, for example, and bring them with you to your next visit.
How do I print my list of medications?
You can print your list of medications from the MaSanté site. It is important to note, however, that only your pharmacist can print an official list of your prescriptions. The list you print from MaSanté is therefore not authenticated by a pharmacist and cannot be used to refill prescriptions.
Can I access my file anywhere in the world?
Absolutely, and it can be done completely safely by using your email address and your password. Visit from any computer or compatible mobile device connected to the Internet.
Can I manage refills for my children/my family members/my residence clients?
In the "Family" section, you can add the health files of your family members and use their own unique login name, with their consent. You can then access prescriptions and send refill requests in their files. Don't forget, though, that you must obtain the consent of all users aged 14 and older.
Can several people sign up with the same email address?
No. For security reasons, your email address is your own unique login name, so only one person can use it. If you only use one email address in your household, there are two options available to you: Create a new email address for free through websites such as Yahoo, Google or Hotmail. Put all of your refills in one file. To do so, you must obtain the consent of all users aged 14 and older (this option will be available soon).
I obtained a MaSanté card at the pharmacy, but I lost it before I got the chance to sign up. What should I do?
No need to panic! Simply contact your pharmacist and ask to be removed from the MaSanté program. Later, you can go back to the pharmacy to get a new MaSanté card with a new PIN.