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4 healthy and fun brunch ideas

Sophie Geoffrion, Nutritionist Comments

Hosting a brunch is a great way to get together with the people you love while avoiding long lines at busy breakfast restaurants. And you don’t need to spend a fortune or stay up all night to prepare! Here are four healthy recipes that will delight your friends and family and are easy to make to boot.
Note: If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms used (e.g., shakshuka), search for it on Pinterest. You’re sure to find inspiration among the host of recipes and presentation suggestions.


A bowl of happiness

It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you combine fresh and brightly coloured foods! To create your own version, fill bowls with a nourishing base, such as chia pudding, a smoothie, Greek yogurt or porridge made from whole grains such as oats or quinoa. Top with a generous helping of mixed fruits and make sure to alternate colours to create an appealing contrast. Then, garnish it all with chopped nuts or superfoods such as goji berries, bee pollen, hemp seeds or cocoa nibs. Your guests will love it! You’ll get magnificent results, and your dish will contain more vitamins than the classic egg, bacon and hash brown combo.

It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you combine fresh and brightly coloured foods!

bol de chia


A waffle bar

Want to give your brunch an exciting twist? Set up a buffet of toppings that you can use on a stack of hot waffles! All you need is between one and three different waffle batters: plain, chocolate, buckwheat, sweet potato, lemon-poppy, etc. Nutrition tip: Use whole-grain flour, and don’t be afraid to reduce the quantity of sugar and fat in your original recipe!

In the centre of your table or kitchen island, lay out some carefully chosen ingredients to create three to five garnish themes. Confused? Here are some crowd-pleasing examples:

  • Piña colada: Sliced pineapples, coconut kefir, coconut chips
  • Banana split: Strawberry jam, banana slices, peanuts, chocolate chips
  • Yogurt parfait: Vanilla Greek yogurt, mixed berries, granola
  • Apple pie: Maple caramelized apples, cinnamon, sharp cheddar
  • Ricotta: Ricotta cheese, a pinch of nutmeg, honey, fresh figs, chopped pistachios

Note: This concept is perfect for crepes, pancakes and French toast!

Use whole-grain flour, and don’t be afraid to reduce the quantity of sugar and fat in your original recipe!



A toast fiesta

Forget about peanut butter and bananas. When it comes to brunch, try something new with inventive spreads on whole-grain bread: creamy avocado, hummus, fine herbs or dried tomato pesto, olive tapenade, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, cashew butter, sugar-free fruit jam, homemade chia chocolate hazelnut spread and so on. For an added layer of tasty delight, slice a few bright fruits and veggies (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, strawberries, peaches, etc.) and lay out some herbs (basil, mint, fresh thyme, sage) or chopped nuts for decoration.



Exotic eggs

This option is fantastic for those who crave salt in the morning. If you’re a pro at making scrambled eggs, you can turn this traditional brunch dish into an exotic treat such as shakshuka, huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos or a hearty bowl combining avocado, sweet potatoes and tempeh “bacon”. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the protein in eggs while adding a few servings of vegetables to your morning meal.


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Sophie Geoffrion is passionate about cooking, jogging, and travelling. She’s also a nutritionist and the co-founder of the Mouvement HappyFitness, a Montreal-based company that motivates women to adopt a healthy lifestyle and focuses on fun, balance and simplicity. Sophie’s favourite topics, which she covers during private consultations, lectures, retreats or in her articles, are healthy cooking, managing weight in a healthy way and vegetarianism.

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