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With MaSanté online, I can...

Renouveler et payer

Renew and pay my prescriptions wherever I want, whenever I want

Prendre une nouvelle ordonnance en photo

Take a photo of a new prescription and send it to my pharmacy

Gérer les ordonnances

Manage my loved ones' prescriptions and access the complete list of my medications

Recevoir un courriel ou un texto

Get an email or a text message when my prescriptions are ready

Planifier un rendez-vous

Plan an appointment for a consultation or a vaccine

Télécharger mon relevé de médicaments

Download the official listing of my prescription drug purchases for tax purpose

Service offered by the pharmacist-owners affiliated to Brunet


Don't have a MaSanté record?

To access the tools you need to monitor your health, ask your pharmacy for your secure access code and create your MaSanté account.

Do you have questions about MaSanté en ligne?

Do you have questions about MaSanté online?

Do I need an access code to access my MaSanté file?

Yes, you need a unique access code given by your pharmacist (in person or over the phone) to access your prescriptions online. The code is only required to activate your MaSanté file.

Can I manage my loved ones' renewals with MaSanté?

Yes, in the "Access management" section, you can add your family's file and associate their own unique identifier with it, if they agree. You'll then be able to access prescriptions and make renewal requests on their file. Don't forget that you'll need to obtain the consent of all users aged 14 and over.

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