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Even though tanning sessions are no longer on our to-do lists, we still want a nice bronzed complexion once summer rolls around.
Getting a natural tan without the sun (or orange streaks!) can be tricky. Thankfully, I’m here to help you figure out how. Thanks to these few tips, protecting your skin and getting a nice tan and bright complexion year-round is as easy as pie!

Un bronzage divin

Fake tan, natural look

Everyone wants the healthy, bright complexion that comes with suntanned skin. But why risk your skin’s health by exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun? Make sure to always apply plenty of sunscreen before you go outside, and treat yourself to an artificial tan worthy of the rich and famous.


The latest progressive self-tanning products deliver flawless results and allow your tan to develop gradually over time.


The latest progressive self-tanning products deliver flawless results and allow your tan to develop gradually over time. Once you achieve the shade you want, simply stop using the product. With a few regular applications, your tan will stay beautiful all summer. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin before applying a self-tanner for even and long-lasting results.


Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin before applying a self-tanning product for even, long-lasting results.


Aim for gold!

The right makeup shades will highlight your golden skin. Apricot blush will add a dash of bronze to your skin, while a hint of gold will provide a touch of sophistication. A shimmering gold gel on your cheekbones, upper chest, and shoulders will brighten your complexion and intensify your tan.

An easy, superb way to adopt an evening look is to enhance the contour of your eyes with gold eyeliner. Here’s how:

First, apply a taupe matte eyeshadow to create the perfect base for gold.

Wet the tip of a brush, then dab it onto gold eyeshadow. Apply the makeup on the inner corner of your eye, then blur.

Draw a line on your upper lash line with a gold eyeliner (preferably waterproof), by closing your eye and lightly stretching your eyelid upward. Apply the liner between the lash roots, as near to the base as possible.

At the outer corner of your eye, draw a thin line on the lower lash line.

With this metallic radiance, your eyes will be bright and dazzling.

Une occasion spéciale à votre agenda? Consultez cette vidéo pour obtenir encore plus d’astuces maquillage qui sauront mettre en valeur votre bronzage divin.

Have questions? Leave them on our Facebook page. And don’t hesitate to talk to your Brunet beauty consultant, they’ll be able to tell you which products are right for you!


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