Teens: express yourself with your nails!

Today, your nails express who you are… quirky, sophisticated, trendy and fun. And never before have there been so many options, so many colours, so many materials to free the inner artist in you.

Colour! Remember when black polish was the only way to go? Now, there are so many colour options from dazzling darks to neons… we'll tell you what delish shades should be in your beauty arsenal right now.

Marvelous metallic! Just like in fashion, those precious metals are taking centre stage.  Find out how to turn your nails into a bejeweled fashion statement.

Artistic! Think you need to plunk down cash at the nail salon to flaunt fabulous nail art? Think again! We've gathered the trends and the way you can achieve them with just a few inexpensive items. Whether you've got epic artistic skills or not, we'll help you achieve nail looks to suit your style and your mood, even if they change every day!