Seeing Red!


After summer's barely-there balms, nudes and cool pinks (the makeup equivalent of cotton sundresses), fall's cooler temps are calling for a little sizzle with the color of passion… ravishing red.

Red lipstick ups the elegance of your favourite little black dress or adds a fashionista touch to that must-have soft grey sweater for fall. It adds confidence to a navy business suit and is so regal with purple. In short, it is most definitely a shade that every woman can and should wear.

From red siren lips to a berry red stain… rich matte claret to glossy lacquered blueblood reds…  there's a red lipstick that is just right for you.

In fact, you may find you can wear more than one (or two!). The key is to work with your skin tone, age and lip shape, since red is such a statement. Finishes are important, too. A full matte lip isn't for everyone, so first, some expert tips and tricks…

Just like celebrities and models do, always consider lighting! If you're going to be outdoors for an event, stick to a sheerer, softer shade. For an indoor evening event, you can go bolder and brighter.

Thin lips?

Avoid dark matte shades on their own. They can make lips look thinner. Same goes for mature women, a softer shade in a creamier finish with a swirl of gloss in a rosy shade just in the center of your lips can make them look instantly fuller… no injections required!

Use a liner, but avoid just lining lips. For rich colour and sensational staying power, line and fill in your lips. Blot and then apply your lipstick.

We like:

Revlon® ColorStay™ Lipliner

It has a great, long-lasting texture that allows you to define and fill in lips. Specially formulated to help lipstick last longer and prevent it from migrating.

Going matte? Go for a pure red in a matte finish that flatters every skin tone.

We like:

Revlon® Matte Lipstick – Really Red

Just like the name of the shade implies, this is super saturated and (surprisingly!) ultra-creamy lip colour. It offers lightweight, marvelous matte colour without dryness, caking or fading.  It's the best of both worlds… rich matte effect with the creamiest coverage. So if you have shied away from matte lipstick before, this one is a game-changer!

Once you start wearing red lipstick, you might want to expand your red palette. Here's how to choose the red that is right for you:

In front of a well-lit mirror, without any makeup on, look at your skin tone. Is it fair, olive, beige, dark or yellow? This should be apparent.

Choose your undertone – warm or cool. It's easy! Simply look at the veins inside your wrist. If they appear green, you're warm. Blue veins means cool. If you can't discern a difference or see both, you have a neutral undertone, which means all red will look good on you!

Now that you know your skin tone and undertone, you can find a red palette that flatters you. Fair skin with a cool undertone looks best with reds that veer towards orange, while fair skin with warm, yellow undertones look hot in warm brick red. Beige skin tone (often with neutral overtones) looks fab with rich reds with gold overtones. If your skin is dark, you can usually wear bright and bold reds, both cool and warm, so try them and see what you feel most comfortable with. Yellow skin tones with its warm undertones, look beautiful in true reds as well as warm ones.

Still unsure? Head to a Brunet cosmetics department and let a friendly, savvy

Brunet Beauty Pro help you find a few shades that take your look to red hot in no time!

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