Colour Theory


From swipes of electric blue shadow to deep purple lips, with summer fading, now  is the perfect time to heat up your look and push the limits with colour.

Into the blue

Blue, the colour of the sky, ocean, twilight, is the coolest colour of all. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli gemstone to represent the heavens. Well, thank heavens, it's turned out that blue eye makeup was certainly not a one-season wonder as it has returned in full force on runway shows and the pages of the thick fall issues of magazines. This time it takes its place in the form of sparkling sapphire, cool azure and captivating cobalt. Unlike the 80s, this time blue is not relegated to your eyelids, but takes centre stage with sizzling smoky looks, updated with hints of ombre for a fine art effect to graphic cat-eyes in midnight blue… a dynamite evening look that instantly updates and elevates it from demure kitten to fierce lioness!

For a blue eyeshadow with the most versatility, we like:

Pupa Vamp Compact Eyeshadow #300 Shocking Blue.

Pure, intense and even color, its soft, creamy texture is so easy to blend and create different levels of coverage and divine depth for a smoky eye.

Wear the colour of confidence

Blue has also been joined by the color of royalty and confidence… purple. Think of the entire spectrum from shimmering lilac to jewel-toned amethyst to plums so rich they are almost black… surprising, sexy… sensational! Purple also has a new twist with metallic shimmering flecks that, when worn smudged along the upper lashline over your classic black eyeliner, is so dazzling, yet no less elegant. Pair a purple smoky eye with plum or ruby red lip color for a look that is 100% modern femme fatale.

When pairing rich hues like purple or blue with black eyeliner, choose a black liner that is ultra-saturated and long-lasting.
We like:

L'Oreal Infallible® Never Fail Eyeliner.

This mechanical pencil offers smooth, precise lining, a built-in smudge tip and sharpener, and best of all, 16 hours of comfy, smudge-proof wear!

Basic Primer

To keep your eye makeup colours true without running or migrating, always prime your lids first. Using an eyelid primer ensures your eyeshadow will grip and your liner will glide on for a precise line and clean blending. It also sets your eye makeup for the longest-lasting wear.
We like:

PUPA Professionals Eye Primer

 This smoothing and fixing primer is the pro secret to true, long-lasting makeup, with its delicate nude shade neutralizing the skin tone of your eyelid to emphasize eyeshadow color.

How-to makeup tip!

To achieve the new blue eyeshadow look… fresh and modern with a subtle smoky appeal:

  1. Apply eye primer to eyelids. Blend well.
  2. Apply white shadow to inner corners of eyes and along the bottom lashline.
  3. Line upper lashline in black liner. Do not smudge.
  4. Apply blue shadow from lashline onto the upper eyelid – stop before the eye crease. Re-apply and build saturation on the outer corners. Blend and gently smudge the blue shadow over the black liner for dazzling depth.



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